AgGuide – Using Compost In Agriculture

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Author:   NSW DPI
Publisher:   NSW Department of Primary Industries
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781742565187  
Product Id:   5202

Healthy soil is essential to the farming production system – as important as healthy stock and disease free crops. Compost is as old as agriculture itself and is one of Earth’s processes for recycling materials. This guide covers the basics in composting, commercial composting and what compost means for your farming practices.

Table of Contents

• What is compost
• What is composting
• Compost organisms
• Producing compost on your farm
• Commercial composting
• Compost quality
• Compost maturity
• Using commercial compost on farm
• What can go wrong
• Bio-security and safety
• Purchasing
• What can compost mean for your farming practices?

Published in 2013, the AgGuide – Using Compost in Agriculture is a must have for anyone interested in improving their soil health. It is 106 full-colour A4 pages. 

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