A Million Acre Masterpiece

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Author:   Fiona Lake
Publisher:   NSW
Format:   Hardback
ISBN:   9780975812907
Product Id:   5797
Pages: 149

Many people have a life-long fascination with Australian cattle stations. They are the largest farms in the world. Quite a few measure more than 10,000 square kilometres in size, running 10,000 head of cattle, upwards. It is these outback properties, which so many dream about, that feature in the coffee-table style book A Million Acre Masterpiece.

The "A Million Acre Masterpiece" cover photo was taken on Australias second largest cattle station, Alexandria. Owned by one of the oldest pastoral companies, Alexandria is more than 16,000 square kilometres in area and runs up to 70,000 cattle. Photographer and writer Fiona Lake grew up on a farm and lived and worked in rural Australia for more than two decades. She spent countless hours in bullcatchers, mustering helicopters and on borrowed stockhorses to obtain these images.   These authentic photos illustrate many aspects of cattle station life, ranging from the thick of the dusty cattle mustering action and stockhorses at work; to stockcamps, cattle station homesteads and garden oasis; massive windmills, rodeos and bush racing to cattle dogs, huge roadtrains and mustering helicopters.

Cattle stations included in the book range from Queenslands remote Cape York Peninsula and Gulf to the arid Channel Country; across the Northern Territorys historic Barkly Tableland and Victoria River District into Western Australias spectacular East and West Kimberley regions.