AgGuide - Farm Water

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Author: Jennifer Laffan
Publisher: NSW DPI
Format: Softback
Product Id: 4918
Dimensions (cm): 29.6 H x 21 W
Pages: 140


This book is for anyone who wants the best from their water supplies in a rural area. It gives an introduction to the technical problems involved in domestic and livestock water supplies, but is written for the non-engineer.

Table of contents

  • What do you want water for?Domestic water quality, Salinity, Water for use with farm chemicals, Water for stock,Catchments and water quality.
  • How much water do you need?Storage, Water supply, Peak flow, Choose the right pump.
  • Creeks and rivers:Reliability, Controlled access, Licensing.
  • Underground water:Where does it come from? Licenses, Some important terms, Costs.
  • Where do you want the water?Head, Lift.
  • How do pumps work?Centrifugal pumps, Positive displacement pumps, Hydraulic ram, Know your pump job.
  • Can a pump do what you need? Reading a pump curve or chart.
  • How will you power your pump?Mains electricity, Petrol and diesel engines, Solar power, Wind power, Other power sources.
  • Carrying water:pipe Poly pipe, PVC pipe, Pipe diameter.
  • Pump set up:Installing the pump, Protect the suction line, Priming the centrifugal pump, Water hammer.
  • Fittings:Around the pump, For the pipes.
  • Tanks and troughs
  • Stock water and farm planning:Where to place the water, Case study, Placing troughs, Farm dams, Management, Community benefits.
  • Putting it all together:Designing a farm water supply, Water supply and paddocks.