Around the Sheds

Around the Sheds

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Author:   Andrew Chapman
Publisher:   File Mile Press
Format:   Hardback
ISBN:   9781743460047
Product Id:   5746

From Andrew Chapman, the best-selling author of Woolsheds, comes a stunning new photographic book exploring the world around the sheds – the shearers, the roustabouts, the dogs, the dunnies  and the sheds themselves.

On his photographic odyssey, Andrew Chapman takes us on a visual journey where much has changed from those early days, yet so much remains the same. Andrew has travelled to every state and taken a snapshot of an industry that has had its ups and downs, but like a punch-drunk boxer always manages to get back off the floor and go another round.

Through Andrew Chapman’s lens we meet farmhands, roustabouts, cooks, woolgrowers and even a one-armed shearer, all who share a common link – a declared passion for an aspect of Australian life that is in danger of disappearing altogether.