Ben Hall's Last Days

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Author:   John Donohoe
Publisher:   John Donohoe
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780646949673
Product Id:   5888

The End of the Road for Australia's greatest Bushranger.

It would be fair to say that the story of Ben Hall has the characteristics of a real legendary tale. Hall's exploits and endeavours whilst on the run provide a multi-faceted picture of the man and his life.

Here is a story that has everything: strategy, endurance, treachery and mystery..not to forget the tragic death of Australia's most prolific bushranger. 

The author has attempted to adhere to events relating to Hall and his gang from 29th April to 6th May, 1865 a period of eight days, with some background thrown-in.

The starting date is relevant since it is the date that a force of eight, led by sub-inspector Davidson, left  Forbes at 4am for the precinct where an informer had said the gang would be found.

The end date is the day after Ben Hall was killed, when his body was identified by a relative and was also examined by a physician in Forbes.