Calf Rearing - A Practical Guide

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Author:   John Moran
Publisher:   Landlinks Press
Format:   Paperback
ISBN:   9780643067660
Product Id:   2801
Dimensions (cm): 24.8 H x 17.7 W
Pages: 228


This book highlights the principles of calf growth and feed digestion which allows producers to select the most appropriate system for their farm. Facilities for rearing calves such as sheds and yards are described while the many diseases that can inflict young calves are explained.



The book includes chapters on calf welfare, post weaning management and how calves can communicate with their owners. Another chapter provides costings on feed, labour and calf losses so that producers can prepare budgets on their own particular rearing system. The final chapter brings all the principles together in the form of "Best Management Practices".