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Home Generator - Selection, Installation And Repair: 1st Edition

Author:   Paul Dempsey
Publisher:   McGraw Hill
:   Softback
ISBN:   9780071812979
Product Id:   5985

Select, set up, and maintain a reliable home generator.
This complete and practical guide shows you, step by step, how to choose the best generator for your needs, safely and properly install it, and handle troubleshooting and maintenance. Home Generator Selection, Installation, and Repair covers a wide variety of models, including those from the most popular manufacturers--Briggs and Stratton, Coleman, and Honda. Nearly 150 photos and diagrams help you to identify the various electrical components. This hands-on resource also describes the tools you'll need and provides sources for additional information and discount parts.


Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects

Author:   Paul Dempsey
Publisher:   McGraw Hill
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780071794220
Product Id:   5986

A step-by-step guide to building 10 inexpensive projects that help you conserve water ... so simple you can do it yourself!
People can live without SUVs, jet travel, and numerous other luxuries. But no life, human or otherwise, can survive without our most precious natural resource: water.
Do-it-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects offers a basis for understanding the importance of conserving water, explains how the lack of it affects different regions around the world, and provides practical information on how to collect, store, purify, and drill for this magical substance.

How to Repair Briggs & Stratton Engines - 4th edition


Author:   Paul Dempsey
Publisher:   NSW Agriculture
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780071493253
Product Id:   1205

Using more than 190 detailed illustrations, the Fourth Edition features:
• All the expertise needed to perform maintenance and repair jobs on any Briggs & Stratton engine
• Comprehensive guidance on state-of-the-art small-engine technology
• Updated material on overhead valve design (OHV): new coverage of Flo-Jet suction lift carburation and new information on alternators, torque limits and bolt-tightening sequences.

Small Gas Engine Repair

Author:   Paul Dempsey
Publisher:   McGraw Hill
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780071496674
Product Id:   1980

This book shows you how to troubleshoot and repair virtually any type of small gas engine used in garden equipment, chain saws, pumps and standby generators.
Completely revised and updated and offering a step-by-step approach, this trusted guide covers all you need to know to repair and maintain a small gas engine and get professional results while saving money.