Home Butchering and Meat Preservation

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Author:   Geeta Dardick
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781742563022
Product Id:   5271

This complete guide to home butchering and meat preservation is the perfect place to start you on your way to enjoying more economical, convenient, nutritional and delicious meat!

It explains in step-by-step detail all the ins and outs, the pleasures and the pitfalls, of selecting, raising, caring for, breeding, slaughtering, butchering, preserving and cooking poultry, rabbit, goats, sheep, venison, pigs, veal and beef.

Everything you need to know to carry on the age-old tradition of raising and butchering animals for personal consumption, or even as a side-line business, is clearly illustrated with line drawings and photographs.

Homesteaders, Geeta and Sam Dardick own 35 acres of land on which they raise organic vegetables, fruits and meats. Geeta is a freelance writer for Mother Earth News, Farmstead, and other magazines. Sam is a retired professional planner and college professor.