Is That Plant Poisonous?

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Author:   R.C.H. Shepherd
Publisher:   RG & FJ Richardson
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780980388527 
Product Id:   4429

There are a large number of plants found on farms and bush blocks, along roadsides, in waste places and in gardens that are considered poisonous to livestock, domestic pets and people.

IS THAT PLANT POISONOUS? will help you become more aware and familiar with these plants, most of which are of a weedy nature. It has been written for everyone, but especially for farmers, gardeners, bush walkers, pet owners, veterinary surgeons and parents.

The book uses easy-to-understand language with colour photographs to aid plant identification. It details who the plant is poisonous to, which parts of the plant are poisonous and the toxins that are likely to be encountered, as well as symptoms of poisoning. Symptoms are also listed according to plant species and animal in a comprehensive and informative appendix.

All the plants in this book are found in Australia.