Jumping for Kids

Jumping for Kids

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Author: Lesley Ward
Publisher: Storey Publications
Format: softback
ISBN: 9781580176
Product Id: 3186 
Dimensions (cm): 24.8 H x 19.3 W
Pages: 128

Young equestrians dream of galloping toward a fence on their favorite horse and sailing over it in one long, smooth leap. Jumping is one of the most thrilling things a young rider can accomplish on horseback and the ultimate goal of countless horse-crazy kids.

Lesley Ward, editor of Young Rider magazine, interacts with young people and horses every day. She has witnessed the youngsters' enthusiasm for jumping, their courage in the saddle, and their thirst for more knowledge and reliable advice. Responding to hundreds of readers' letters asking for help with jumping problems, Ward covers all the fundamentals of jumping safely and correctly in Jumping for Kids, a guide for children eight and older. Full-color photographs, line illustrations, jumping diagrams, charts, informative sidebars, and a calm, encouraging voice fully engage the child every step of the way — from building strength and confidence riding on the flat to jumping at a show.

A complete learn-to-jump program in a book, Jumping for Kids gives readers plenty of information to study at home, when the day's lessons are over. She coaches frustrated youngsters in working with their horses, guides trainers in problem solving, and even shows enterprising riders how to build their own jumps.