Let The Land Speak

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Author:   Jackie French
Publisher:   Harper Collins
Format:   Softback
ISBN  9781460758281
Product Id:   6105  

From one of our most respected and award-winning authors, Jackie French, comes a fascinating and fresh interpretation of Australian history, focusing on how the land itself, rather than social forces, has shaped the major events that led to modern Australia. To understand the present, you need to understand the past, to understand Australia's history, you need to look at how the land has shaped not just our past, but will continue to shape our future.

Our history is mostly written by those who live, work and research in cities, but it's the land itself which has shaped our history far more powerfully and significantly than we realise. Reinterpreting the history we think we all know - from the indigenous women who shaped the land, from terra Incognita to Eureka, from Federation to Gallipoli and beyond.

 Eye-opening, refreshing, completely fascinating and unforgettable, LET THE LAND SPEAK will transform the way we understand the role and influence of the land and how it has shaped our nation.