Life as an Australian Horseman

Life as an Australian Horseman

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Author:  Fiona Lake
Publisher:   Fiona Lake
Format:   Hardback
ISBN:   9780975812914
Product Id:   5799
Dimensions (cm): 20.7 H x 31 W
Pages: 289

Contains more photos of the largest and most famous cattle stations in the world. The photographs included in this book also range right across the top of Northern Australia: from Western Australia's spectacular Kimberley region, into the Northern Territory's historic Victoria River District and Central Australia, and on to Queensland's arid Channel Country. The cover of "Life as an Australian Horseman" features stockmen walking a mob near the spectacular limestone cliffs of the Napier Range, in Western Australia's remote West Kimberley region. 

Chapters in "Life as an Australian Horseman" are arranged in sequential order so readers are taken on a fascinating journey via a typical cattle muster. It begins with the pre-dawn catching and saddling of stock horses and proceeds to mustering, dinnercamp, walking huge mobs, yarding up and stockcamp evenings; to branding and loading roadtrains. Then returning from isolated stockcamps to station homesteads, ringer's quarters and carefully nurtured outback gardens. There is a special chapter on bronco branding, a uniquely Australian practice. Unlike the first book, there is no glossary; instead more photographs are included. 

Fiona Lake lived and worked in the bush for many years and knows her subject inside out. She took all the photographs and wrote the accompanying captions, so like "A Million Acre Masterpiece", "Life as an Australian Horseman" is a distinctly original book, full of quirky details, resulting in an air of authenticity appreciated by readers.