Mig Welding In All Positions

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Publisher: Adele Video
Format: DVD
Product Id: 5807

The training program explains the techniques and procedures in Mig Welding from basic to the advance.

Included in the program:

* Selection of gases and electrodes and their characteristics

* Determining the correct electrode type and diameter

* A description of machine types

* Techniques for welding in all positions e.g. overhead, vertical up, down-hand and pipe welding

* Graphic visual description of the molten pool which shows the viewer the importance of good hand control

* The correct technique for welding and various types, thickness, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium

This video was recorded in the training facility of Lincoln Electric with the assistance of Michael Bate B. Eng (Mat1) (Hons) and Bill Cloughessy. 

The instructors are considered to be some of the finest exponents of their craft.