Muster Dogs: From Pups to Pros

Muster Dogs: From Pups to Pros

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Author: Lisa Millar
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Format:   Soft Cover
ISBN:  9780733343094
Product Id:  6496
Dimensions (cm):   24.0 H x 16.0 W
Pages: 304

How ten dogs stole the hearts of millions and changed lives forever, for fans of the TV show now streaming on ABC iview and Netflix.

When Muster Dogs first hit screens in 2022, viewers were enchanted. Five lively kelpie pups adopted into farming homes across Australia and put on an intensive training program and became instant stars. Could they learn to herd and muster within a year? Could they prove that working with natural ability was an optimum way to farm?

With the help of expert breeders and trainers, these dogs and their new trainers showcased not only what the puppies were capable of but how using dogs contributed to better stock, farm management and environment.

Among those who lost their hearts to these amazing puppies was narrator Lisa Millar. Muster Dogs quite literally changed her life. In this book Lisa tells us about her journey over two seasons, bringing us up to date with the characters of series 1 - human and canine - and introducing us to five new collie pups, trainers and the hurdles of season 2.

Many questions have been asked about Muster Dogs. How did it start? Why did it resonate with audiences? Lisa addresses the show's impact, brings us stories from behind the scenes, and takes us deep into country life, all the while examining the powerful relationship between human and dog. With tips from trainers and experts, this is a book that will immerse you in affection, resilience, and loyalty, all set against the wide brown (and green) land that is our productive heartland.