Outback Heroes

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Author  Emma Darcy
Publisher:   Harper Collins
Format  Softback
ISBN:   9781743690345
Product Id:   6100

They were once outback bad boys. Now they're rich, powerful men...

The Outback Marriage Ransom

As a teenager, Ric Donato wanted Lara Seymour, but they were worlds apart and frustration pushed Ric into rebellion. Years later he's a billionaire and he can have anything he wants...or can he? When Lara comes back into Ric's life she's more desirable than ever, and just as far out of his reach. He's determined to save Lara and he'll do whatever it takes...

The Outback Wedding Takeover

Mitch has put his troubled past behind him and is now a lawyer. He's asked to protect beautiful Kathryn Ledger when she's caught in the crossfire between her boss and an old enemy. Keeping her constantly at his side, Mitch pretends he's just doing his best friend, Kathryn's boss, a favour. But he's hiding his true feelings because Kathryn is engaged. Then he discovers that Kathryn returns his desire and he's forced to take action - and take over Kathryn's wedding!

The Outback Bridal Rescue

Billionaire Johnny Ellis inherits a share of Gundamurra, the beloved Outback station of his youth...and all of Megan Maguire's hostility.

Megan resents Johnny's magnetic masculinity. Gundamurra should be hers alone. Shocked when their mutual tension explodes into a night of passion, Megan is further amazed when Johnny lays out his rescue package: Gundamurra will belong fully to Megan...if she becomes his wife!