Pork Production For Pleasure and Profit

Pork Production For Pleasure and Profit

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Author:  Neville H. Chad
Publisher:  Neville H. Chas
Format:  Softback
ISBN:   9780646903743
Product Id:  5239
Pages: 290

Written primarily for those engaged in small-time production of pork or anticipate entering into the industry simply to generate and additional cash income or to produce pork for their own domestic use.

With the growth in population numbers, keen for the humane treatment of animals in producing food to satisfy the needs of our ever expanding global numbers, advice for those engaged in small put-door systems becomes of paramount importance.

This book will prove of great interest to those involved with the Australian history of pigs as well as helpful hints on the practicalities of day to day operation of their farm. those involved in professional pork production will also find useful information as well.