Poultry Agskills: A Practical Guide to Farm Skills

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Author:   NSW DPI
Publisher:   NSW DPI
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780731306169
Product Id:   5467
Dimensions (cm): 29.6 H x 21 W
Pages: 76


Poultry Agskills provides a basic guide to some of the skills and practices of poultry production. The book contains step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and full-colour pictures. Some of the skills included are: breed, rear or buy poultry, provide housing, collect and handle eggs, feed poultry and maintain poultry health.

Table of contents
  • Introduction

  • Animal welfare

  • General safety precautions

  • Choose poultry

  • Choose a breed

  • Breed chickens using a hen

  • Mechanically incubate chickens

  • Buy and rear chickens

  • Identify stock

  • Purchase point of lay pullets

  • Provide housing

  • Manage broody hens

  • Collect and handle eggs

  • Feed poultry

  • Maintain poultry health

  • Prevent and treat external parasites

  • Prevent and treat internal parasites and diseases

  • Prevent the spread of disease

  • Catch, check and dispose of spent birds

  • Glossary of terms

  • References and industry contacts

  • What is a safe work method statement?

  • Check your skills