Running A Small Beef Herd

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Author:   Fiona Baker
Publisher:   Landlinks Press
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780643094154
Product Id:   2817

Running a Small Beef Herd has been written for anyone wishing to establish and successfully manage a small herd of beef cattle on their property. All the fundamentals are explained: the economics of beef production; matching a particular property and level of experience to a suitable beef enterprise; and various systems such as steer fattening, cow and calf systems foster calves and multiple suckling, and lot feeding.

Practical advice is given on buying cattle, marketing methods for particular types of cattle and specifications for markets such as domestic supermarkets, butcher shops and hotels and overseas markets. Cattle handling, castration and vaccination, herd health, reproductive management, nutrition, carrying capacity and supplementary feeding through normal feed shortages or drought are all explained.

Fences, yards and water supply, which have a large impact on ease of management, are discussed in detail. Various breeds of cattle, including the suitability of newer breeds, such as Lowlines are covered and comparative ratings of economic traits are given.

Running a Small Beef Herd contains an extremely useful calendar of operations to assist with timing and coordination of all the relevant activities and completely updates the previous edition. It also updates and expands on the NLIS (ear tagging) requirements, and includes a chapter on the importance of soil health and fertility.