Shirtsleeves To Shirtsleeves two Generations - Second Generation

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Author:   Gerard Leahy
Publisher:   Xlibris Corporation
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781514440490
Product Id:   5535

The First of these two books covers J.J Leahy's generation. You need to read the story of the First Generation before you read this book.

It is the story of his youngest son's generation. Gerard is the only surviving member of J.J Leahy's nine children. His is a very different story, as he was fortunate to spent most of his life on one property working and brings up his family in a small and isolated rural community. In the early days few community members travelled far, but wars, improved transport and communications gradually changed this sense of isolation and opened up the community.

With the changes towards centralising of the management of health services, bush fire management and the many other services local communities managed in the past, it would now be difficult to be as involved in the community as the author was in the story This Second Generation did not build up great wealth, but possibility ended up better off in other ways.