Smoking, Curing & Drying: The Complete Guide for Meat and Fish

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Author:  Turan T. Turan
Publisher:  Murdoch Books
Format: Softback
ISBN:  9781845435615
Product Id: 6157 
Dimensions (cm): 26.4 H x 19 W
Pages: 224


Step-by-step photos and instructions show you how to master the techniques of home smoking, curing and drying meat and fish - from basic steps through to advanced processes, with delicious results. The ultimate step-by-step guide to smoking, curing, and drying meat and fish at home: from delicious salmon gravlax to mouthwatering hot-smoked chicken wings and home cured bacon.

Turan's expert hands-on approach will show you all the essential techniques plus more complex curing processes, encouraging you to develop your own style. No expensive equipment is required to get started: all you need is an oven or a barbecue! Includes full instructions for indoor hot and cold smoking methods, plus a guide to building your own outdoor smoker - from an easy-to-make cardboard box cold smoker to barbecue-friendly designs.

Step-by-step photographs and instructions for over 50 different techniques: Smoked salmon, Beef jerky, Ribs, Gammon, Kippers, Smoked venison, Biltong, Smoked bacon, Chorizo, Bresaola, Parma ham, Salt cod, Ham, Smoked goose, Pancetta, Salami, Coppa, Gravlax, Chicken, Smoked mackerel, Pastrami, Dried lamb, Duck jerky, Salt beef and much more!.