The Clarke Gang: Outlawed, Outcast and Forgotten

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Author:   Peter C Smtih
Publisher:   Rosenberg Publishing
:   Softback
ISBN:   9781925078480
Product Id:   5667

Before the Clarke gang burst onto the public stage most people thought that the worst of the bushranging menace that had plagued rural New South Wales since the beginning of the decade was a thing of the past.

The Clarke gang became arguably the worst & most troublesome bushrangers of all time. The gang terrorised, robbed and murdered civilians and police alike, in an area stretching from present day Canberra to the coast from 1865 to 1867. At the heart of the bushranging outbreak was an entrenched network of harbourers and sympathizers whose support for bushrangers eclipsed all other gangs. Family ties and loyalties bound communities accustomed to petty crime where horse stealing and cattle duffing was the norm.

The Clarke Gang: Outlawed, Outcast and Forgotten explores the outlawing of Tommy Clarke and Pat Connell, the murders that made them outcasts and asks the question, why have they been virtually forgotten while another bushranger, Ned Kelly has become the most well-known figure in Australian History?