The Dog Whisperer: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Raising a Happy Dog

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Author:  John Richardson and Lesley Sharon Cole
Publisher: New Holland 
Format: Softback
ISBN:  9781864366983
Product Id: 6040

Compehensive and effective, The Dog Whisperer is the essential guide to training your canine companion. 

Based on the premise that the modern dog still shares many of the behavioural characteristics of its ancestor, the wolf, this book will show you the ten keys to effective training and how to put those keys into practice. 

By following the three R's of dog training - reward, reinforcement and reprimand - you can have a well behaved dog that obeys your every command. This book will enable you to solve dog behaviour problems effectively, and offers a revealing insight into the mind of your dog - ultimately leading to an improved relationship between you and your canine friend.