The Magic Pudding: The Adventure of Bunyip Bluegum

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Author: Norman Lindsay
Publisher: Harper Collins
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780732248329
Product Id6231
Dimensions (cm):  24.6 H x 22.8 W

For 100 years ‘The Magic Pudding’ has amused generations of children and their parents with the fun and harrowing adventures of Bunyip Bluegum, Bill Barnacle, Sam Sawnoff, the Puddin’ thieves, and Albert, the cantankerous, ‘never-ending’ pudding.

Discovered in strange circumstances, Albert is a magic pudding who changes from steak and kidney to jam roll and apple dumpling in seconds. Gravy-voiced and gruff, Albert is constantly being nibbled at by his owners but never shows the damage. ‘The Magic Pudding’ features members of the Noble Society of Pudding Owners trying to protect their pudding from Puddin’ thieves. Albert is cranky, rude and gets his owners into all kinds of trouble.

And it loves, just loves, to be eaten.

Set in the Australian bush with memorable animal characters, ‘The Magic Pudding’ is the quintessential read about food, fun and adventure. It has never been out of print and has been translated into many languages over the years.