To Hell & High Water

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Author:   Gregory Bryan
Publisher:   Big Sky Publishing
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781921941788
Product Id:   5038


To hell and High Water follows the author's quest, along with his brother, to conquer the extreme conditions of some of Australia's most remote country and achieve his dream of walking in Henry Lawson's footsteps.

In sharing his experiences by recreating the 450 kilometre Bourke to Hungerford and back "tramp" that inspired some of Lawson's greatest works, author Gregory Bryan paints a vivid picture of an outback Australia that many of us will never experience; the challenges & dangers, the heat, the distance, mosquitoes, blisters and thirst but also the colourful characters and generous spirit of the Outback people that make it such a unique and special place.

At the same time he blends in the biography of Henry Lawson's captivating life including his marriage, struggles with alcoholism, his suicide attempt, influences upon his writing and his ideals of mate-ship. Extracts of Lawson's own writing have been carefully selected and beautifully interwoven into the narrative in a manner that draws parallels between the two experiences and offer fresh insights into his life.

To Hell and High Water is a story of Australia's past and present. It is the story of an Australian literary legend and a period of time that shaped our history. It is also the story of an ordinary person achieving extraordinary things through unwavering mateship and dogged determination never to give up