Untold Secrets of Starting Working Dogs

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Author:   Eric Tighe
Publisher:   The Working Sheepdog
Format:   DVD
Product Id:   4738

Being a country man, originally from Inverell, Eric has always lived on farms, worked with stock and trained working dogs all over Australia and in Canada.  

He trained as a shearer in the early nineties and worked as a shearer for many years.  It was at the time that I could see the real benefits of good working dogs.

In 1999, he took up a job as a stock manager on a large property at Bemdemeer, NSW.  This position required me to care for 1,000 head of cattle and 12,000 sheep.  The only way to manage all these animals was to have a great team of working dogs.

In his spare time, he enjoys dog training- sheep, both paddock and yard, cattle and utility.  He has a great team of working dogs, mainly border collies that he breeds to take to trials.  Over the past years, he has been training handlers that are keen on training or working their dogs.

It has always been my interest in helping people to enjoy their dogs while working stock effectively.  In a "quiet and confident manner".  He has always watched with interest other trainers and instructors, working out the best way to help people to learn.  It is from this that he has worked out what key points are missing. 

This is what he has been teaching to his clients for quite some time with Great Results.

"Save Your Self Countless Hours of Frustration"

This DVD has been made for all people who work stock with dogs whether it's an interest or a profession. The information it contains is in an easy to understand format. For great results.