Untold Secrets to Raising Working Dogs

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Author:   Eric Tighe
Publisher:  The Working Sheepdog
Format:   DVD
Product Id:   4377

Eric's aim is to help dog caretakers to live a happy, harmonious life with their best friend, either in the city where they are required to do nothing more than ba a good friend or a farm environment where they spend their days mustering stock.

Life with your dog should be easy, calm and fun.  Anything less than this, then you could use some help.

Eric is a countryman originally from Inverell. He has always lived on farms, worked with stock and trained working dogs.  He has managed properties requiring him to care for over 1000 head of cattle and 12000 sheep,  the only way to manage all these animals was to have a great team of working dogs.

He enjoys training his dogs for competing in trials and has a passion for helping people enjoy being with their dogs.  So whether you just want to hang out with your dog, go for pleasant walks without drama or enjoy the challenge of competing, his DVD will give you the grounding you need to live, understand and enjoy the time you have with your best friend.

Eric has been sharing his techniques with country and city people in Australia for the past three years and now can share them with you in the comfort of your own living room.