Walk Across Australia: The First Solo Crossing

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Author:   David Mason
Publisher:   Rosengerg Publishing
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781922013996
Product Id:   5280

In 1998 David Mason set himself a new challenge. A veteran of the French Foreign Legion and a lawyer practicing in Canberra, in March that year he set off on foot to cross Australia at its widest, from Byron Bay, NSW, to Steep Point, WA.

As the crow flies it was a trip of over 4000 kms, but much, much further on foot. His companions, and bearers, on this solo walk were three wild camels captured and trained for the journey.

Walk Across Australia teems with the challenges, frustrations and deep joys of that trip. He learned camel lore, celebrated the birth of a camel calf and faced the primal lust of too many feral bull camels.

Mason met the physical and mental challenges that, at times, could have killed him and came to embrace loneliness and communion with the land.