Who's Minding the Farm? In this climate emergency

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Author:   Patrice Newell
Publisher:   Penguin
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780143789390
Product Id:   6102
Dimensions (cm):   23.3 H x 15.5 W
Pages: 304  


A vital account of how sustainable farming can address urgent issues such as climate change and water scarcity, health and nutrition, land stewardship, renewables vs. the coal industry, as well as meaningful and fulfilling rural employment. And a call to arms.

You know who is minding the farm--our consumption and behaviors affect how soil is managed and what it produces. We all are. The big-picture challenges created by mass-produced agriculture are discussed, the devastation of the drought and other climate variables are unpacked, the new crops introduced and the impacts on biodiversity are unraveled. And, Patrice poses solutions and alternatives to some of the most confronting issues challenging those working on the land, and eating off it.

She believes we can, and already do, produce enough good food for all populations to be well-nourished. We just need to manage it better. Patrice has invested heavily in sustainable and organic methods on her farm and traveled the world exploring best practice.

Here she provides a window into the pleasures of inhabiting the land, and promotes an alternative way of thinking about value in life, no matter where you live. Elmswood Farm is quintessential Hunter Valley, but Patrice uses it as the springboard to discuss national concerns with global ramifications.