AgGuide - Fertiliser Essentials

AgGuide - Fertiliser Essentials

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Author:   David Brouwer
Publisher:   NSW DPI
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781742567839
Product Id:   4287
Dimensions (cm): 224
Pages: 216

A revised full-colour book covering the basics of fertiliser use for healthy soils and profitable agriculture. Includes details on nitrogen, phosphorus and other essential nutrients, chapters on acid soils, testing, choosing and costing fertilisers, and the role of organic fertilisers.

Table of Contents
  • The basics
  • Agriculture finds a friend in fertiliser
  • What plants want
  • Acid soils and the pH connection
  • Nitrogen for quality
  • Phosphorus: the wonder drug
  • Other essential nutrients
  • Tests for nutrients
  • Choosing and costing fertilisers
  • Organic fertilisers
  • Fertilisers and soil health
  • Glossary

First published in 2006, Fertiliser Essentials is 112 A4 pages.