The Complete Australian Fishing Encyclopedia
Bill Classon, Frank Prokop, Peter Horrobin & Geoff
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This new book covers understanding fish; tackle; knots & rigs; lure fisihing & lure guide; best lures for our popular fish; handy guides; guide to fish ID: saltwater boat fishing; saltwater shore fishing; freshwater boat fishing; freshwater land-base...

Akubra - Handcrafted History
Stacey, Nikki and Stevo Keir
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Akubra - part story, part myth, but 100% icon. Everyone knows Akubra. At least, they think they do. This book goes behind the icon and explains the rich heritage of the five generations of family that have created the world’s greatest fur felt hat-ma...

Tractors Through Time
Adam Lee
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This book encapsulates many of the earlier makes and models of tractors which have served in rural areas across Australia, bringing them to life with colourful photographs, interesting specifications and anecdotal accounts of their use

Incredible Dog Journeys
Laura Greaves
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Determined dogs from around the world travel vast distances and overcome unbelievable odds.

Meet Bonnie, the kelpie-blue heeler cross, who led her owner to safety through one of the deadliest bushfires in Australia's history; Penny, a Hungarian vi...

The Master: The John Fahey Story
John Fahey and Joy Ringrose
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This is the story of John Fahey, well known throughout Australia as The Master, an acknowledgement of his consummate horsemanship. Champion Gentleman Rider in all of Australia’s biggest Royal Shows, he is not only an Olympian show jumper but also wor...

Australia's Most Unbelievable True Stories
Jim Haynes
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The ultimate collection of unbelievable true Australian stories: the unknown, the forgotten, and the surprising.

Did you know that in 1932 the Australian army was called out to wage war on an invading army of 20,000...emus? Or that the first royal...

Australian Light Horse
Phillip Bradley
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Throughout history, mounted troops have been known as elite men of arms and the Australian Light Horse is a part of that legendary tradition. Part cavalry and part infantry and often recognised by the emu feathers in their slouch hats, the light hors...

Down the Dirt Roads
Rachael Treasure
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Down the Dirt Roads starts as a heartfelt and moving insight into the life of a single mother displaced from her home, and becomes a groundbreaking and powerful book about healing, health and hope. Nourishing and sustaining, it presents a practical a...

Workers on the Wallaby
Barry Brebner
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Have you dreamt of exploring the vast land of Australia, from central Australia’s arid landscape to the luscious greenery of Tasmania? Let Workers on the Wallaby be your guide. Our collection of travel stories tells of the experiences of travellers a...

Working Stock Dog Magazine Issue 6
Wayne & Mandy Flintham
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The Australian Working Stock Dog Magazine is a bi-annual publication that is dedicated to Australian working dogs. If you own a Kelpie, Border Collie or any other breed of stock dog then this magazine is a must read. Whether you work cattle, sheep o...

The House and Garden at Glenmore
Mickey Robertson
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A PASSION FOR HOME...Twenty-five years ago Mickey Robertson and her husband made an impulsive decision to buy a collection of historic, but dilapidated, colonial farm buildings in New South Wales, Australian; thus beginning an unplanned, but intensel...

Jam Drops and Marble Cake
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A timeless collection of over 130 tried-and-true recipes....Jam Drops and Marble Cake celebrates 60 successful years of the Cookery Competition held by The Land newspaper and the Country Women's Association of New South Wales. From peach blossom cake...

Around the Sheds
Andrew Chapman
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Woolsheds a stunning new photographic book exploring the world around the sheds – the shearers, the roustabouts, the dogs, the dunnies and the sheds themselves. Through the lens we meet farmhands, roustabouts, cooks, woolgrowers and even a one-armed ...

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