AgGuide - Getting Started in Free Range Poultry

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Author:   David Brouwer
Publisher:   NSW Government Industry & Investment
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780731306237
Product Id:   4247
Dimensions (cm):  29.6 H x 21 W
Pages: 176


This book includes both meat and egg production, breeds, rearing, health, housing and nutrition. 

Table of contents

  • The market for free range production

  • Pitfalls for new entrants

  • An introduction to production systems and standards for free range eggs

  • An introduction to production systems and standards for meat birds

  • Choosing a breed

  • Sourcing stock

  • Managing the flock

  • Feeding and nutrition

  • Housing for free range poultry

  • Protecting the flock from predators

  • Pastures for poultry

  • Free range health management

  • Biosecurity for free range production

  • Regulations: state and local government

  • A business plan for free range poultry

  • EggInvest: an aid to planning and budgeting

  • An example of free range standards - eggs

  • Free range eggs. Standards Compared.

  • Chicken suppliers

  • References

Also includes nine case studies including both egg and meat bird enterprises.