AgGuide Water Series: Irrigation - Centre Pivot and Lateral Move

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Author:   J. Laffan
Publisher:   NSW DPI
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781742569192
Product Id:   5894
Dimensions (cm): 29.6 H x 21 W
Pages: 46

This publication focuses on key design issues, efficiency of irrigation and management of centre pivot and lateral move systems in broadacre farming.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction to centre pivot and lateral move
Chapter 2: Safety
  • Importance
  • Hazards associated with centre pivot and lateral move systems
Chapter 3: Environmental impacts of irrigation
  • Importance
  • Sustainable use of irrigation water
  • Management
Chapter 4: Centre pivot and lateral move systems
  • Overview
  • Centre pivot
  • Lateral move
  • Components
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Importance of design
Chapter 5: Irrigation efficiency
  • Efficient use of water
  • System capacity
Chapter 6: Key design issues
  • Pipe sizes and energy costs
  • Capital and operating costs
  • Average application rate
  • Wheel rut
  • Wheel equipment
Chapter 7: Emitters
  • Types of emitters
  • Wetting patterns for emitters
  • Uniformity of application
Chapter 8: Managing CPLM systems