Australia's Most Infamous Criminals

Australia's Most Infamous Criminals

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Author: Graham Seal
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761069031 
Product ID: 6490
Dimensions (cm): 23.0 H X 15.0 W

Pages: 320

Australia's master storyteller trawls our rich history of cold cases, notorious robberies, shameless frauds and razor gangs to uncover a cast of colourful villains. From the men and women who stepped off the convict ships and continued to ply their trade, to the dark streets of the burgeoning towns and cities over the next couple of centuries, it's a fascinating array of tales.

Australia's worst serial killer is a woman from Perth, responsible for over 30 deaths. There are the lolly shop murders, the world's first plane hijacking, the great bookie robbery and the black widow of Richmond. There are lesser-known stories from our best-known crims, including Tilly Devine, Squizzy Taylor, Iris Weber, Francis Deeming and of course Ned Kelly, as well as practitioners of the long con you'll hear about for the first time.

The inventive scams, dramatic escapes and vile deeds of our most infamous criminals will keep you turning the pages.