Best Australian Drinking Stories

Best Australian Drinking Stories

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Author: Jim Haynes
Publisher:   Allen & Unwin
Format:   Paperback
ISBN:   9781760632908
Product Id:   6448
Dimensions (cm):   23.7 H x 15.8 W
Pages: 288

The story of Australia's almost-250-year love affair with alcohol told with yarns, verse, anecdotes and surprising historical narratives

'It seemed like a good the time.' - the lament of many a morning after

Rum, beer, scotch, wine, beer and more beer. For nearly 250 years Australian history has been punctuated with stories of booze and boozing. From Cook's voyages and the First Fleet to the Rum Rebellion, the mutiny of the 99th Regiment, the soldiers' riot of 1916, six o'clock closing and beyond, we've been a nation that likes a drink.

With the eye of the master storyteller that he is, Jim Haynes has collected the best yarns, verses, stories and anecdotes of our boozy history. He uncovers the good and the bad of our national character and its relationship with grog. He celebrates the social gift of alcohol and riotous moments of mateship and camaraderie, but he also offers salutary tales of its consequences - the hangovers, the suffering, the recriminations and the grave occasions subverted by drink.

Amusing, wry, tragic and surprising, Best Australian Drinking Stories asks you to grab a glass of your favourite beverage, get comfy and enjoy this fascinating collection of stories about Australia's love affair with booze.