For Once in my Life

For Once in my Life

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Author:   Karly Lane
Publisher:  Allen & Unwin
Format  Soft Cover
ISBN 9781761066122
Product Id 6501
Dimensions (cm):   24.0 H x 16.0 W
Pages: 368

Jenny Hayward cannot believe that she's fifty years old and a grandmother with adult children! When did that happen? Not that long ago her three daughters were in school and Jenny was following her dream of becoming a nurse.

In the two years since her husband walked out, Jenny has been absorbed in her family and work. But then her daughters and her best friend secretly set her up with a profile on a dating app and she is unexpectedly thrust into the world of dating.

However, as the dates keep coming, Jenny wonders how the people she loves the most in the world have managed so impressively to pick the wrong men for her.

The annoying barman watching on is much more enjoyable company. The barman who is more than a decade younger than her. Yet Nick doesn't seem to notice her age at all . . .

Is Jenny's next date the date of her dreams?