Growing & Using Herbs & Spices

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Author:   Don Burke
Publisher:   New Holland
Format:   Hardback
ISBN:   9781921517303
Product Id:   5909


Herbs and Spices by Don Burke has a wonderful collection of herbs, and spices, that can be grown in your own garden, and used in everyday cooking.

There are plants that produce leaves that can be included in recipes for food and drink flavourings as well as in medicines and perfumes. Also included are spices that are similar products made from non-leafy plant parts like bark, fruit, seeds, roots and even pollen-like saffron, the world's most expensive spice. Usually they are sold dried. Most spices simply can't be grown easily at home: can you imagine collecting crocus flowers to shake out the pollen to make saffron! Or removing the bark from a cinnamon tree to make cinnamon?

Herbs are by far the best and easiest of all edible plants to grow. They are also the most useful edible plant group. But which herbs and spices should you grow? Choosing what herb or spice is right for you is easy in this lovely illustrated guide to herbs and spices. Each herb listing has information on how to grow the herb, harvesting, kitchen uses and its health benefits. There are also recipes so that you can experience the aromatic tastes of these herbs yourself.