Growing Vegetables

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Author:   Sarah O'Neil
Publisher:   New Holland Publishers
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781869664572
Product Id:   5910
Pages:     224


Many people feel the urge to grow their own food, yet don’t know where to start. Gone are the days where this life skill is passed down through the generations. So the keen gardener is left to find their own way through a mine field of information overload. 

This book has been created to guide and encourage you, week by week, through your first year of growing your own vegetables. It takes growing food back to basics and explains when, how and why to do things. It has been designed with you, the gardener in mind and how you would logically work your way through the season.

The book doesn't mind being taken into the garden to be referred to when needed. Taking notes throughout the growing season is encouraged and there is space within the pages and at the back for your records. It is designed to encourage you to think about your specific garden so at the end of the growing season you can confidently wade through the myriad of gardening information and make the informed decisions.

The relaxed, friendly style comes from a place where I want you to experience success and go on to have a long love affair with growing you own food.