Honey Farm Dreaming

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Author:   Anna Featherstone
Publisher:   CapeAble Publishing
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780980747546
Product Id:   5990

Original beeswax balm and delightful farmhouse recipes are a bonus in this funny, warm and moving memoir about what it’s really like to live on a small farm.

If you’re ready to laugh out loud while you learn about the ups and downs of modern farming life, come on a journey with this family who farm bees, beasties, backpackers from across the world and their own resolve during a decade of farming. 

If you’ve ever dreamed about life on the land, or are indeed doing it, this Australian farming memoir will resonate. 

It’s a story about a farmyard full of animals, thousands of tourists in the garden, a hundred backpackers in the house, millions of bees in the air - and one family.

Discover more about the 'good life' and enjoy a good laugh from this well-reviewed, entertaining, engrossing book in which author Anna Featherstone lays bare what it's like to follow your dreams and to find success, failure and finally understanding along the way.

Beeswax recipes include: beeswax lip balms, insect repellent balm, itchy bite balm, sleep balm, moisturising and eczema Farm Balm, burn balm and more. There are also honey face mask and delicious farmhouse recipes too.