How Much Bull Can You Take? Part Four (DVD)

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Author:   Croc Lumley
Publisher:   Croc Lumley
Format:   DVD
Product Id:   3116

Story one

Afghan Willie The Wild Camel Whisperer

Deep in Australia's vast interior is the Simpson Desert. This is an arid & remote haven for many illusive feral camels.

Join cameleers in this wild roundup of large, fast dromedaries of ultra-marathon endurance.

See how they have to overcome many obstacles in this unforgiving landscape. Will the gain outweigh the pain.

Story two

Don't get hooked in Arnhemland

An extreme wild buffalo experience.

Join the unseen outback heroes working the Simpson Desert and Arnhemland harvesting unharmed, large wild reluctant mobs of water buffalo.

If you love unstaged true life action in the wilderness this is a professionally produces DVD series that won't disappoint