Memories Of Australian Drovers

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Publisher:  Wagging Dog Productions
Format:   DVD
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Memories of Australian Drovers

Two disc DVD set

Before there were trucks and trains crossing the length and breadth of Australia, cattle and sheep had to be walked to sale or new pasture.

These droving trips could take months and often travelled through harsh and dangerous conditions.

There are many tales of epic feats of droving that have been recorded in poem, song and story, but most drovers never gained fame for their exploits.

Most were average men who were simply doing a job that had to be done. It is these quiet, humble men and women whose memories we wish to share.

This two disc DVD set features over three hours of interviews with men and women who share their memories of droving life.

Photographs from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s, and beautiful footage of the Queensland Outback are included to help illustrate the harshness, the beauty and the uniqueness of this way of life.

Disc One

Early droving

Charlie Phillott

Merv Rowland

TJ Hardwick

Ken Hall

Disc Two

Neville ‘Nocka’ Peoples

Bill Swan

Toby Gorringe

Audrey ‘Tib’ & Bob Mitchell

Stock Routes to Highways

Written, produced and directed by Christine Steel and Mark Setchfield of Wagging Dog Productions.