Of Flutes & Foghorns

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Author:   Peter Austin
Publisher:   Peter Austin
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780646938523
Product Id:   5511
Dimensions (cm):   22.5 H x 14.7 W
Pages:   232


The author, Peter Austin, grew up in the post war era in a modest family home overlooking Sydney Harbour on the southern slopes of Cremorne, close to where that suburb joins Neutral Bay.

This book recounts his fond memories of that childhood, and of the times and the suburban environment in which he lived ' an environment that has undergone such immense social, cultural and structural change over the past half-century as to be barely recognisable today.

Since leaving his parental home, and Sydney, in 1965, Peter's life has been oriented away from the harbour that loomed so large in his childhood, towards rural affairs, as he pursued a career in the wool industry and later, in journalism, but his memories of growing up in Neutral Bay and Cremorne of the 1950's remain potent and vivid.

Perhaps through his words and pictures in this book, others may be reminded, or learn, of the time when 'flutes and foghorns' provided the soundtrack to daily life in this unique lower North Shore precinct.