Saving Grace

Saving Grace

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Author:   Fiona McCallum
Publisher:   Harlequin
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781447258636
Product Id:   5123

When Emily Oliphant married John Stratten, she thought it was the beginning of an exciting new adventures - standing shoulder - to - shoulder with the most eligible farmer in the district and pitching in to build a thriving agricultural business.

Three years later, however, Emily sees her marriage for what it is - a loveless tie to a callous man. When John's cruelty reaches new heights, Emily is forced to move out, braving both her husband's wrath and her mother's glaring disapproval.

With the encouragement of her new friend Barbara, Emily moves into an abandoned property and takes on the mammoth task of turning the unloved house into a home. In the process she discovers a new business venture, meets new friends and finds an inner strength she never knew she had.