The Art of Preserving with Peter Ford

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Author:   Peter Ford
Publisher:   Adele Video
Format:   Video 
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Preserving is an art form which has been practised for many years.

However with the event of mass-produced food available on demand we are losing the art and techniques passed on from previous generations of preserving food.

Renowned Chef Peter Ford demystifies the art of preserving food explaining the correct processes, from dehydration of fruits, vegetables and meats, making beautiful tasting quince paste and quince jelly, basic cheeses and butter making, producing rich tomato passata, delectable relishes, chutneys, pickling vegetables and fruit, gravlax and creating mouth water jam.

Peter shares his culinary skills and techniques hones from working in some of Australia's top restaurants. Using preserves Peter shows you how to turn meals into culinary delights.

Preserving is a fun and effective means of dealing with surplus foods and capturing the taste of fruit and vegetables that are at their peak. Discover the pleasure and tremendous satisfaction in preserving foods and having full knowledge of what goes into your food.