The Commonsense Cookery Book - Centenary Edition

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Author:   Home Econ Institue of Aust (NSW Div)
Publisher:   Harper Collins
Format:   Hardcover
ISBN:   9781460750124
Product Id:   5834
Dimensions (cm):   21.6 H x 16.0 W
Pages:   355

The Centenary edition celebrates 100 years of an Australian cookbook Classic. The Commonsense Cookery Book has been teaching Australians kitchen basics since 1914.

Now this special release, including a new introduction and historical information, marks the centenary of this kitchen must-have. this is the perfect gift for any Australian cook, whether just starting out or an old hand in the kitchen or to replace that precious but tattered copy you've clung to for far too long?

With more than one million copies sold, the Commonsense Cookery Book is the bible every home leaver takes with them when they fly the nest; the book you give to those who are just learning about food, and the book you can give to experts who want to go 'back to basics'. 

It has step-by-step recipes for everything from how to make toast to more complex dishes, as well as detailed illustrations of techniques, including how to line a cake tin, how to poach eggs and how to roll up a Swill roll sponge.

With invaluable tips on measurements, cuts of meat, the meaning of cookery terms, dietary requirement and other essentials, this is the bible no Aussie kitchen should be without.