The Dogs That Made Australia

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Author:   Guy Hull
Publisher:   Harper Collins
Format:   Softback
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Dimensions (cm):   23.5 H x 15.3 W
Pages:   384

Hunter. Worker. Legend. The untold story of the dog's role in building our nation.

The Dogs That Made Australia pays tribute to the dogs that gave their all for our prosperity: the fearless hounds that saved fledging colonies from famine; the courageous heelers and tireless collies that powered the rise of beef and wool; the tough little home-grown terriers that protected the homestead and garden and the extraordinary police dogs, ahead of their time, loved by the nation.

A vivid and meticulously researched history of Australia told from the perspective of the dingo and the dogs that were imported and developed here, as well as the humans who loved, feared and worked them.