The Return

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Author:   Silvia Kwon
Publisher:   Hatchette
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780733632013 
Product Id:   5250

War ends and the world changes, as it always does. But hate is hard to extinguish. The scars of war are not always visible, and they don't always fade. They haven't for Merna Gibson and they definitely haven't for her husband, Frank. The long-ago war colours their family life.

For Merna, at home on the farm, Japan is very far away. For Frank, it isn't far enough. But their son, Paul, doesn't share the same beliefs. For him, Japan is a place of possibility, a country to embrace. Father and son live worlds apart, even when at the same table. Hate and prejudice have created a gulf between the two.

When a woman comes into their son's life, it is left to Merna to try and bridge the gap. Caught between the two men she loves she is determined to keep her family together, while everything around them keeps changing.