The TAB Guide to DIY Welding

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Author:   Jackson Morely
Publisher:   McGraw Hill
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9780071799683
Product Id:   5982
Dimensions (cm): 23.11 H X 18.8 W
Pages: 368

Get Started with Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding!

A practical guide with step-by-step instructions and hands-on projects for newcomers to metalwork and MIG welding

The TAB Guide to DIY Welding shows you how to get started with MIG welding and metalworking. Inside, you'll find illustrated step-by-step instructions for making useful objects for around the home, as well as fun artistic projects. This easy-to-follow book takes you through setting up a metalworking studio, finding local resources for materials, and the safe operation of metal studio tools.

Everything you need to know about MIG welding is here in one handy resource.

You'll learn what steel is made of and the principles behind electrical welding. Then you'll learn how to acquire new steel, how to interface with steel suppliers, and how to find your own salvaged steel. After the basic principles of metalworking, hand and power tools are covered--and they're put to use through hands-on projects that allow you to develop new welding skills and establish building blocks for future tasks. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to create successful metal projects on your own, like a pro!

Illustrated instructions with photos and drawings provide step-by-step procedures and clear explanations

Projects include useful items for around your home and garden, including a log holder, plant stands and tables, a rolling garden cart, and a barbeque grill

Easy-to-follow examples and explanations for beginning artists, DIYers, and hobbyists

Expert advice from an experienced teacher of MIG welding courses

Course supplement for classroom and shop instruction

A list of online and local resources to help beginning metalworkers access a metalworking community