Tomatoes for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Growing Tomatoes All Year Round

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Author:   Gilbert Allen
Publisher:   Hyland House
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781864470192
Product Id:   1128
Pages:   150


If you take a look over Allen Gilbert's garden fence, you'll see curious things: tomatoes that aren't red, but purple, yellow, black or striped. No, he hasn't got muddled, he's just doing what we all should be doing - trying new and easy ways of growing new and heritage varieties and enjoying wonderful tasty results.

In Tomatoes for Everyone, Allen shares the benefits of his knowledge and experience: simple organic ways of modifying tomato growing to suit everyone's lifestyle. You can learn these wonderful hints. And you, too, can share your garden with Saucy Sue, Mama's Delight, Daydream and Best of All (just some of the heritage tomatoes Allen has grown and loved).

Tomatoes for Everyone is for people who don't have much space, time or energy but love the taste of home-grown fruit. It's all you ever wanted to know about growing tomatoes. Just open it up and take a bite!