Where the River Runs

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Author:   Fleur McDonald
Publisher:   Allen & Unwin
Format:   Softback
ISBN:   9781760876227
Product Id:  6017
Dimensions (cm):   19.8 H x 12.8 W
Pages: 336

In the tradition of the acclaimed Red DustWhere the River Runs is a brilliantly told rural story of long-held family secrets by an author at the forefront of rural fiction, Fleur McDonald. 'Fleur McDonald has a wonderful way with telling rural stories in a special way ... A great summer read.'

Ten years ago, thirty-year-old Chelsea Taylor left the small country town of Barker and her family's property to rise to the top as a concert pianist. With talent, ambition and a determination to show them all at home, Chelsea thought she had it made.

Yet here she was, back in Barker, with her four-year-old daughter, Aria, readying herself to face her father, Tom. The father who'd shouted down the phone ten years ago never to come home again. 

With an uneasy truce developing, Chelsea and Aria settle into the rhythm of life on the land with Tom and Cal, the farmhand, who seems already to have judged Chelsea badly. Until a shocking discovery is made on the riverbed and Detective Dave Burrows, the local copper, has to tear back generations of family stories to reveal the secrets of the past. 

Chelsea just wants a relationship with her dad but will he ever want that too? Or will his memory lapses mean they'll never get that opportunity?