Yates Month by Month: The Complete Guide of what to do in Your Garden Throughout the Year

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Author:  Judy Horton
Publisher:  Harper Collins
Format: Softback
ISBN:  9781869509804
Product Id6172
Dimensions (cm):  24.2 H x 18.8 W
Pages:  256  

A month-by-month, easy-to-follow guide on what to do - and when - in your garden from the number one trusted name in gardening products, Yates.

With clearly set out and easy-to-follow monthly tips and planting guides for each major Australasian climatic zone, Yates Month by Month will see you safely through the gardening year.

Plan your garden with confidence, discover the best plants for your region and see the benefits of all your hard work as you harvest and enjoy the results of a well-planned garden.